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Boredom Induces Creativity

Of the few things that really piss me off, one of them is wind... Actually, that is a blatant lie. Many things piss me off! But wind really inhibits several activities that I enjoy. Waterskiing and Photography — These two especially!

There is nothing better than a flat lake in summer, even the slightest breeze or boat chop can ruin the experience... And when seeking inspiring photos, especially HDR, a slight breeze can really 'break' a scene. Specifically in reference to stuff moving in the background. Yes, it can be cleaned up during post, but I'm guilty of being lazy from time to time ;-)


I'm one of those people who enjoys the extremes. I like the weather to be good or really really bad. Mind you that is somewhat of a contradiction, considering I would class 'bad' weather as a slight breeze and a few drops of rain. A crazy storm with thunder, lightning, all hell breaking loose, etc... Now THAT is good weather! As is a calm day with broken cloud cover.


That dovetails perfectly into todays topic... I hate being bored. Being bored leads to thinking too much, thinking too much leads to anxiety, anxiety leads to stress. Stress isn't good! This photo was born out of a day where the wind was a little too intrusive to warrant shooting a landscape. And while walking back to the house I saw a dandelion and remembered a great photo taken by a good friend of mine... The magnifying glass was just something I figured I would try, and I found the result to be quite pleasing & a bit more engaging than the dandelion by itself! I also feel it creates a sense of depth.


So this one goes out to Nikita, a great photographer based in Christchurch. I can't link to the original shot of her's that inspired this one as it's in a private album on Facebook... A photographer before I was, Nikita has actually inspired me to a certain degree. She has a good eye & an awesome creative passion that really shows in her results.


So, Nikita, if you read this... Cheers for the inspiration & I hope all is going well for you :-)


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Taken on April 11, 2011