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The Indigo Hours of Darkness

Once again, at the magical Golden Beach at Wilson Bay...


I've actually taken a few other shots nearby here:


On this night I was actually seeking star trails, but the cloud cover didn't back off after 2am... Normally this isn't a problem for my nocturnal self, but on the night in question I was unusually tired... And the cloud cover ended up moving in again half way through my exposure. So the results I got were interesting, but not portfolio worthy... At least not right away, I need to sit on them for a while and let the creative energy build up.


Quite often this is the case, the gems in your library need to virtually 'mature' — Allowing you time to come to terms with the results you have in mind. I often find myself revisiting old shots, and having a completely different attitude towards the photo than I did initially. That and as I develop new post processing techniques I'm able to pull more and more out of 'rejected' photos, possibly moving them closer to the top of the pile.


This photo took a fair bit of recovery, especially being taken this late at night. I only used 3 exposures, from -2 to +2, the longest being 30 seconds, allowing for enough motion blur in the clouds. The sun had just gone down, but there was this very surreal glow in the sky and a wonderful calm lake to compliment it. In the distance you can see the lights of Walter Peak Station, and to the far right of the frame is 12 Mile Delta, the scene of this photo from last year:


A really special location!


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Taken on March 23, 2011