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The Happy Horse

I admit the tile for this shot does lack a bit of creative presence... But sometimes I find myself seeking for complex and cunning words for a simplistic scene, only to settle on something that is neither fitting nor relevant. So, I pull back on the reins (I'm gonna see how many bad horse puns I can get into this description, thats 1), and pull a tile form what I see in the shot itself... I've decided to mix up my upload schedule a little, I've been too busy horsing around (2) with business and such to get out shooting as often as I'd like, and it's not fair to exclude good shots that deserve time in the spotlight just because they aren't 'mind blowing' HDR landscapes.


This cute little guy (or girl... I can't be sure) was tied up beside our shooting location at the national Rodeo champs in Te Anau last weekend, I took many photos of him, but he seemed determined to keep his back to me, until this one moment where he turned, bent down and had a bite to eat.

I really like this photo because he has his eyes closed, and seems genuinely happy... Almost smiling :-)


I love animals, genuinely, been around them all my life in one way or another. I think there is a lot to be said for the companionship & unconditional love they offer. I guess a horse isn't the kind of pet you can cuddle in bed when you're feeling down... But you get the idea. Unfortunately I cant have a dog in my current apartment, but my family at Gibbston have a menagerie that I can visit any time. Oh, and by menagerie I mean two dogs, a deaf cat (literally...), 10 alpacas, 9 chickens, 20,000 goldfish, a horse, a pedophile goat (thats an in-house joke, don't worry!), and for about a week every year, paradise ducks (they get shot on sight...). Occasionally a deer will walk onto the farm and also catch a bullet, as do rabbits and the odd possum, but I cant count those! My dad recently took out two fellow deer with $6 worth off ammunition — The resulting venison would have cost about $1300 from the local butcher... The 6.5mm paid for itself that day ;-)


I've gotten way off topic... I guess this wraps up tonights update, I'm working on some more astrophotography projects and when I get time, I'll process some recent HDR works.


With what little spare time I have, I need to get back on the horse (3) and explore different creative avenues and get soem more shots as we move into autumn... I'm looking forward to my first winter with my camera!




A few technical aspects about this photo before I go... I was using my mate's 70-200mm L lens, and I'm in love. It's crazy sharp! Seriously, check this out at 100% zoom and take in the details. I was shooting at f/4 and 400 ISO, mainly to capture the fast action at the rodeo at shutter speeds upwards of 1/1000 of a second. The compression offered by the crop factor (it works out at 320mm on my 7D) makes for great photos... I recon I'll be purchasing one of these lenses this week!


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Taken on April 2, 2011