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Are we Dreaming?

This was quite a surreal shot. Taken atop the mountain I climbed to get these two photos:





The location is called 'Picnic Point', and sits atop the hill at Bobs Cove. About a 4km round trip from the car-park, its relatively accessible yet fairly exclusive once you reach the top. You are treated to 360° views of the Wakatipu Basin. Queenstown is just behind the hill to the right of the frame, past 12 Mile Delta and Wilson Bay.


I was going for long exposures on this night, but found it nearly impossible with the sheer brilliance of the moon. Believe it or not, the original non-HDR bracket of this sequence holds the same definition of color and illumination... It was just a very bright full moon and a stunning landscape to match!




The biggest issue I had during post was noise... I had cranked my ISO up to 400 to keep the exposure times reasonable, and the resulting noise after the merge took a fair bit of editing to correct.


Composition wise, don't blame me for the ugly green tree to the left of the frame... Blame the wilding pine that is spreading like a space invader through New Zealand native bush...

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Taken on February 16, 2011