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The Elegant Creek

Sometimes climbing mountains doesnt work... On this occasion we were actually aiming to reach the waterfalls on the side of the Remarkables, but found theme to be completely inaccessible. Unless of course we were willing to scale cliffs with an insane ammount of safety equipment.


So, Matthew and I decided to go downstream and see what we could find. After a spot of 'bush-bashing' (this means one uses brute force and ignorance to battle his way through fauna and flora...) I found this tranquil little creek, flowing down from the mountainside into the lake.




I was drawn to the moss on the riverside, and the wonderful tones that were just visible under the surface.


As per usual I had to watch the saturation of the greens and yellow, careful to aviod that electric tone that can sneak in so easily.


I love the effect of slower shutter speeds on water movement, its probibly one of my faviority things to photograph. Particularly when there is so much detail to be found in shallow waters...




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Taken on February 20, 2011