The Abandoned Glasshouse

I've had one hell of a crazy week, non stop for the last 5 days. Hence I've been a bit slack on my upload shedule...


Never mind, this is a cool shot! Well, I think so anyway... I think sometimes the more 'personal' a location, the more we can look at the scene with more in our minds than just the end result in mind. For me, this shot represents a lot more than just an abandoned glasshouse. This horrid piece of land sits on the main road into Queenstown, and has been in this state of disrepair for the last 10+ years.


God knows why the local council doesnt do something about it, the land is in a prime location and must be worth millions... Way back in the day, this was an organic orcahrd with a small store attached that was know as 'The Green Grocer'...


It's a shame that good and honest local produce is being replaced by fast food outlets and commercial developments... Says a lot about todays society.




Post processing this one was good fun, I like shots that offer up a challenge... So often landscapes have a lack of small detail to focus on, when I edit I like to get right in at 100% searching for small areas to correct.


This was a good example of that, each adjustment I applied needed to be masked in some way shape or form. I had to balance the overall image while making certan areas stand out. The sky for example, this has had an Equalize filter applied, however it didnt do the grass any favors so I had to mask it out.


Looking back, I would have framed this differently... Positioning myself to the left and getting more of that graffiti in the shot. Ah the beauty of hindsight!

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Taken on January 25, 2011