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Valley of Vines

This is the far end of Gibbston Valley, where I grew up. My parents own the red house near the base of the Nevis Bluff in the distance, where Trey Ratcliff and his family came to visit in October last year:




A few days ago, I had the idiotic idea to climb "Mini Mount Rosa" — The actual Mt Rost is the mountain on the right hand side of the frame.

I say it was idiotic, cause the climb nearly killed me. My car is that little white spec in the bottom left corner near the collection of trees.


I can think of no better place to spend my teenage years... All the backroads were our dirt bike tracks, the vines were where we went hunting for rabbits.


We got into a fair bit of trouble for being 'distruptive' too, haha. 8 years ago, when we started building, we were the only residents in the entire development. We used to shoot 15+ rabbits a night, spend all day speeding up and down the roads on bikes and practice our drifting skills in my first car.

Your know... The typical kiwi lifestyle ;-)


These days, its a little more laid back. But still, having this sort of scenery less than 30km out of Queenstown isnt bad.


As a side note to any potentail visitors to the area, I'm happy to have any of you out to Gibbston for a BBQ and assorted collection of fun activities. Just contact me!

Matthew Taylor (taylorphotography on Flickr) is visiting in the next week or two — Really looking forward to it!




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Taken on January 23, 2011