3d pan white

Final Approach, Runway 23

I have two passion in life; Photography and Aviation. The latter is on hold due to the insane cost of learning to fly... I'm a few hours short of my private license, and long term I'll seek my aerobatics rating (already have several hours training in that, good fun!) and ultimately my commercial license...


Alas, these days I can only shoot aircraft, not fly them as regulalr as I'd like. That being said, I know a few tricks that get you VERY close to the action!


Consider this was shot at 32mm... That jet is about 20 meters away from the lens. If you have never sat right under a 737 on final appraoch, you dont know what loud is.




Obviously this is a single shot HDR, and I did a pretty extensive edit in photoshop to recover the details... The sky on the day was crap, so I ran an equalize over it in order to bring it to life. I was drawn to the details hiding in the origional, and the motion blur adds a nice effect!

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Taken on January 24, 2011