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Placid Waterfall — Glenorchy

I'm in love with this shot. There is so much going on here, everywhere I look I find a new surprise I didnt see last time!


I found this placid waterfall on my way home from Glenorchy a few days ago. The light was fading, and the wind was intense... Challenging conditions for an HDR, but I think the movement in the trees really helps sell the emotion of the scene.


I had actually spotted this from the other side of the road that runs from Glenorchy to Queenstown. I thought it was a lot closer than it turnout out to be, and ended up negotaiting a road that I really shouldnt have taken my Subaru GTB over (I bottomed it out)... Then I took a short walk up a canyon and found this magical little spot!


Zoom into 100% and take a look around, so many cool little details to discover! Let me know wheat you like below, or make a note...




Post processing this was actually a walk in the park. The photomatix settings I had for a previous edit were still up, and it looked fantastic!


Pulling it into Photoshop, I found very little I didnt like. Besides the usual sharpen and curves there was little to be done.


I'm always very concious of not editing shots the same day they are taken, I feel I need to be in the right zone to get a result I'm happy with... This is one of those that is well worth the wait!

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Taken on January 16, 2011