Public Transport: Self-Harming Adverts

Public transport systems lack financial resources, seemingly everywhere. So most make available their very public space for a price... for ads.

The photos in this international collection show what happens when customers are not respected... even insulted... when public transport providers work against their own business interest.

Sometimes it seems it is because there is no control from the public transport provider (and often they subcontract out their space) and other times it seems like some car-loving elected official is playing a joke on his or her constituents.

Some politicians just say that the vehicles, stations or shelters are public space, and should have no special restrictions on ads... and if the ads are about cars it is just competition.

Is it that these ads bring in more revenue which will more than offset any decrease which might come as a result of the ad? If this is a standard (internal) argument, it is quite sad indeed.

What do you think are the reasons?

As a very wise person told me recently, "You would never see a public transport ad at a petrol station."

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