the monument

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    - i wasn't happy with the shots i got last time, so i had to go back.

    - near independence, ca off the mighty hwy 395

    - taken from wiki
    On November 21, 1945, the WRA closed Manzanar, the sixth camp to be closed. Although the prisoners had been brought to the Owens Valley by the United States Government, they had to leave the camp and travel to their next destinations on their own.[65][67] The WRA gave each person $25 ($296 in current dollar terms), one-way train or bus fare, and meals to those who had less than $600 ($7,104 in current dollar terms).[67] While many left the camp voluntarily, a significant number refused to leave because they had no place to go after having lost everything when they were forcibly uprooted and removed from their homes. As such, they had to be forcibly removed once again, this time from Manzanar. Indeed, those who refused to leave were generally removed from their barracks, sometimes by force, even if they had no place to go.[67]

    146 prisoners died at Manzanar.[68] Fifteen prisoners were buried there, but only five graves remain, as most were later reburied elsewhere by their families.[69]

    The Manzanar cemetery site is marked by a monument that was built by prisoner stonemason Ryozo Kado in 1943.[70] An inscription in Japanese on the front of the monument reads, 慰靈塔 (Soul Consoling Tower).[68] The inscription on the back reads "Erected by the Manzanar Japanese" on the left, and "August 1943" on the right.[68] Today, the monument is often draped in strings of origami, and sometimes survivors and other visitors leave offerings of personal items as mementos. The National Park Service periodically collects and catalogues such items.

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    1. The Flooz 63 months ago | reply

      it's def got a gloriousness to it

    2. sharaff 63 months ago | reply

      This is simply amazing. The cloud formation is a sweeper. very bold composition and excellent light

    3. eddyizm 63 months ago | reply

      thanks, i felt glorious taking it.

      thank you! i am very happy with the results!

    4. fake_plastic_earth 63 months ago | reply

      never knew something like that existed ... monuments are for the souls rest in peace!!!

      Happy holidays!!!

    5. eddyizm 63 months ago | reply

      ansel adams shot manzanar extensively , as did dorothy lange - this is one of the only things left at this site. ps. it's on the hwy headed up to bodie!

    6. Born out of due time... 63 months ago | reply

      amazing shot... how is it I never knew of this place ...thanks for the wiki...

    7. eddyizm 63 months ago | reply

      i'm amazed at how little everyone else knows about this place. its part of the curriculum in southern california in grade school.

    8. Big Max Power (BMP) 55 months ago | reply

      Great job, you have a nice photostream

      Please visit my photostream...Big Max Power

    9. dicksoto 55 months ago | reply

      love the sky and the shadows, i hope to visit here one day.

    10. horsetrainer~Mary~ 55 months ago | reply

      Always a sobering place to visit . . . wonderful shot!

    11. eddyizm 55 months ago | reply


      its fantastic, i was just lucky

      indeed! thank you!

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