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Urban Bad Boy

Yesterday while walking a very short section of the Long Path along the Palisades, I saw this young buck. I guess I was about two or three miles north of the George Washington Bridge, somewhere between the Rockerfeller and Alpine Lookouts. I wasn't sure where I was in New Jersey but right behind where I took this photo, just across the Hudson river was a view of Riverdale in the Bronx.


I was amazed at how brazen he was. It was sort of like we had a conversation but he did all the talking. Something like "What you think I'm gonna run away because some dumb human is gawking at me? You think I'm like those provincial yokels upstate that can't tell the difference between Nikon and Winchester? Go away will ya, I'm trying to eat here."


Much more amazing is that there is a pair of Bald Headed Eagles nesting with young not far from where I had a moment with this deer. I didn't actually see the nest. It's a big secret for their own safety but I can see them flying around hunting from my Bronx window that is just across from where I was standing to get this shot.

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Taken on June 11, 2012