My Hero!!!!

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    I wish you all a very nice weekend!

    1. austinbriab 84 months ago | reply

      Happy weekend Eda..I don't know how you do the above but it looks fantastic.
      My housework is all done lol.

    2. JoergHL 84 months ago | reply

      Eda, I wish you a nice weekend too!! ;-) ( With the good old Mr. Propper) ;-)))

    3. SilvaAzniv 84 months ago | reply

      haha, do parents clean when their children come to visit too? I thought it was just the other way around...

    4. debdotnd 84 months ago | reply

      Eda-Happy weekend to you to! This is great, I think I remember this guy. Great job, I love the blue outline and the pot on the windowsill with the curtains. It adds a nice touch. I'm doing the laundry now.

    5. epicture's (more off than on) 84 months ago | reply

      Brian: Just a shot and a bit of PS :-) I still have a lot to do :-(

      Joerg: Thanks, I hope not to spend the whole weekend with Mr. Propper around :-)

      Silva: Of course we do, we need to have everything perfect to be able to get away with our mom's talking on how things should be done :-)LOL

      Debra: Thanks, but it's just a plain photo with PS framing...:-)

    6. ClaraDon 84 months ago | reply

      That's a great effect...well done.

    7. lavinia*s 84 months ago | reply

      have a wonderful weekend eda, maybe you can spot some more rare ducks :)

    8. pointybunny 84 months ago | reply

      LOL Eda, thanks for that laugh. I wish he would come to my house and do some work. then i would have a happy weekend. j/k.

    9. epicture's (more off than on) 84 months ago | reply

      Don: That's the way "Don Limpio" Mr. Proper shows himself up at the Spanish houses.

      Lavinia: Did you spot any others? I will be with my eyes wide open looking for them LOL

      pointbunny: I'm not sure he does the laundry... :-) Have you looked for him at the nearest supermarket? :-D

    10. bluefam 84 months ago | reply

      very nice and funny work.

    11. schuetzerp [deleted] 84 months ago | reply

      I don´t think he is a hero... I must clean everything by myself, because Mr. Proper didn`t do it ;-(

      Wisch you a wonderful weekend Eda!!

    12. mjose_almeida(have a great day/catching)) 84 months ago | reply

      Eda isto é de morrer a rir. Você me pôs bem disposta com esta foto.
      Você me sabe dizer onde posso encontrar um como este que me faça isto tudo em casa? o meu está dormindo faz horas LOL.

      Muitos beijos um óptimo fim de semana

      Mutos mimos para Clara

    13. Rachel boo 84 months ago | reply

      jajaja, que buena :) Espero que no te haya dado mucha guerra el calvito :)

    14. austinbriab 84 months ago | reply

      Also I noticed you have 600 shots..congrats.

    15. epicture's (more off than on) 84 months ago | reply

      blue fam: Thanks. Nice to have Mr. Propper around....

      Reinhard: Well, he gave me a hand the other day...Invite him for lunch, and then maybe he will help you :-))

      Mjose: Ai amiga, esse eu encontrei um dia passeando pelo supermercado. Nos olhamos, nos entendemos e desde entao ele me ajuda com a limpeza hahahahahahaha. Bom domingo! bjs

      Rachel: Pues un poco... Le tuve que invitar a comer! :-)

      Brian: Yeah, I hadn't noticed it.... Wow! Thanks

    16. Marja Reetta 84 months ago | reply

      My cleaning hero is half lemon with salt!!! and result is clean smells

    17. lakewentworth 84 months ago | reply

      You've got photoshop crazy!

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