Nap Time I - Sweet Dreams...

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Do Dogs Dream?
If you watch your dog sleep you will see that sometimes they moan, whimper, growl, and have very weird involuntary body gestures. They twitch, wag their tails, and even 'smile'! They sleep in very much the same way we do, so "why wouldn't they dream?"
Given that they can not tell us their dreams, the million dollar question would be 'what do they dream about?'. Maybe they dream of canine fantasies (oops!), and the everyday things that make up their existence, like chasing, playing, eating, and sleeping. I'm sure Clara have nice dreams when she takes a nap with Rudolph, her best friend.

If you have time, take a look at the whole nap time set and tell me: Isn't she the cutest 13-year-old doggie you've ever seen? She is my favorite...

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  1. Patflinschrod 85 months ago | reply

    She is just the cutest! I am certain that dogs do dream. I think Pinky dreams of running through fields since her legs always seem to be moving when she is dreaming.

  2. mjose_almeida(have a great day/catching)) 85 months ago | reply

    Toda a série de Clara tem fotos magnifica. Ela gosta muito do seu peluche mas esta é minha favorita.

    Obrigada pelos seus comentários.

    O cafézinho claro que também pode ser aqui em Lisboa

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  3. ♥Margot♥ 85 months ago | reply

    I can understand, she 's your favorite dog! Really very cute...
    Naptime......some times I want that as well...specially these warm days....:-)

  4. clgkdg 85 months ago | reply

    She is so adorable! She is about the age of my Laura :) I wonder what they dream about, too.

  5. identity traveler [deleted] 85 months ago | reply

    In this photo I am embrassed by the innocense - as should be life.

  6. Marja Reetta 85 months ago | reply

    Beautiful dreams Clara has,I am sure for that!!!

  7. LenSOP 85 months ago | reply

    Oh, Meu Deus! Que coisa mais fofa... cães são anjos na Terra.
    Eu acho que sonham com o céu, pq para mim essas maravilhosas criaturas estão aqui "emprestadas" para nos ensinar o verdadeiro amor.... desinteressado, a amizade, a devoção e tantas coisas que a humanidade perdeu... Bons sonhos Clara!

  8. epicture's (more off than on) 85 months ago | reply

    Daisy: Isn't she? She's a sweet old lady...
    Patti:I think Clara dreams of eating and sleeping...
    M Jose:Obrigada amiga, pelo comentario e pelo convite.
    Margot: Clara really knows a good nap gives you strength to keep on until the next relaxing time... Actually sleeping is her most favorite activity...
    clgkdg: They are really adorable, and loved.
    Tom: And you can't imagine how sweet she is...
    Marja: I also think so, she's always happy though she's having some health problems lately.
    Len: Eu tb acho, o duro é quando o chefe diz que está na hora deles voltarem para o seu lado.

  9. *lluma2008 85 months ago | reply

    Docinho ........ o Dandy só tem um defeitinho : ronca !!!!!!!!!! vc se importa ??????

  10. lakewentworth 85 months ago | reply

    She's adorable with Mr. Moose (Rudolph?). They definitely dream. There are time where Lucy's legs are moving (obviously in persuit of something - I'm guessing squirrels).

  11. leo_iaccarino 85 months ago | reply

    Linda imagem!!!
    perfeita captura...
    bjs e saudades

  12. lgh75 85 months ago | reply

    She is so cute...
    The title could be also," my friend and I" or "Me and my friend" !

  13. Vol-au-Vent 85 months ago | reply

    Clara, you are SO CUTE and Eda, I would have thought I commented - but it so happened that my husband pulled the plug twice during the past week and I will never know how many open pages I lost!!!!

    a clare (!) FAVE - of course!!!

    FFP Award
    You are one of my favorite photographers, please add this great 5+ faves photo to
    Flickr Favorite Photographers(5+ fav/comment 3/invite 2)

  14. epicture's (more off than on) 85 months ago | reply

    Andrea: Um segredinho, a Clareta tambem ronca...
    Peter: They're really sweet...
    Leo: A minha garotinha...
    Sylvain: Yes, it could be...
    Kiki: Thanks for your visit, comment and invite...

  15. aunqtunolosepas♥ 78 months ago | reply

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    Woooooow es preciosa :D :D :D

  16. Betolandia 78 months ago | reply

    Sweet beautiful pet, adorable shot!
    (CMC NV)

  17. Deniseop 76 months ago | reply

    Ai meu Deus!!!
    Que coisa maix lindaaaaaaa!!!

  18. aunqtunolosepas♥ 76 months ago | reply

    You Won my Super Cute Medal!!!!!
    Please post your shot in our Super Cute Gallery :-)

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  19. Jiobbe 73 months ago | reply

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  20. Jiobbe 73 months ago | reply


    Remember to vote your favourite 3 SLEEPING cuties!!!!! :-)



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