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"Little Guy" | by EcoSnake
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"Little Guy"

"Little Guy" is a Great Basin rattlesnake (Crotalus oreganus lutosis), an Idaho native. He's 10 years old now, but he was captured when he was about 9 months old by someone who was fishing near an old mining town in the mountains about 70 miles from Boise. The angler put him in a jar and brought him back to Boise where his family then called the zoo and others and threatened to "kill the snake if someone didn't come get him." Eventually I was called and since he couldn't be returned to the wild, I decided to use him in my university workshops. He was named "Little Guy" because he wasn't much bigger than a pencil at the time. He has since helped teach the workshops and the "Rattlesnake Awareness and Outdoor Safety" programs. Now, he's about a meter long. The message here is this: People need to leave wildlife in the wild. If you see something you think is "cute", don't pick it up and take it home! Leave it alone so it can live its own life! Maybe there is another lesson here also - Perhaps our country needs to leave other countries alone and learn to do what the rattlesnake does: use force wisely and only when there is no other option. Just a thought. Photo by Frank

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Taken on March 18, 2007