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Histrio #1 Left side | by eclectic echoes
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Histrio #1 Left side

Another shot of the wonderful Sargassumfish (Histrio histrio) from aboard the Pangea Exploration's Sea Dragon somewhere in the Sargasso Sea ~50 miles south by south west of Bermuda. This beautiful specimen came up in the sargassum weed we collected as part of our research into camouflage. On deck it was placed in a small acrylic "aquarium" to get some closeup photographs. Unfortunately it stayed very close to the front bottom of the tank which you can clearly see in the photo.


Its position does allow a great examination of the the 10 rayed pectoral fins which are on muscular stalks an can be used to crudely grasp the sargassum weed. They are also often used along with the pelvic (or ventral fins) to "walk" along surfaces such as it is doing here.


The visual camouflage of these frogfish is well adapted to their environment using broken browns and yellows matching the sargassum weed along with fleshy irregular projections which closely match the sargassum weed seen above and behind to the right of the fish. The white spots and growths closely match barnacle and bryozoan colonies found throughout the sargassum mats.

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Taken on May 27, 2013