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(apologies) more robin pics!


while watching and feeding these guys the other day, it really made us wonder how they survive!


i have always know that robins are feisty – and dont tolerate one another, but due to weather etc recently i have been to a number of places where there are a few robins in the same area – and they are so scrappy!


but this time is was fascinating to watch them so close – almost every time a robin was going to come and feed – another would show up and they’d go off scrapping! resulting in neither of them eating, and this happened time and time again?


on a couple of occasions the robins actually fought off the great tits and coal tits – pecking them – but then again not eating – just standing nearby guarding!


it was so weird – there was me, stood with my hand out and a load of seed, with my own personal robin guard stood close by attacking anything else that came near!


the longer we stayed the more confident they got, at first swooping down and grabbing something and flying off – but towards the end – landing and having a mooch around choosing which bit they wanted!


i only managed to get one shot of them fighting through branches, but it happened a lot!


please keep feeding them and putting water out through the cold weather!



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Taken on December 18, 2010