EBRD's Sustainability Event
Sustainability is at the heart of the Bank’s mandate and EBRD’s Sustainability Event 2018 highlighted the accomplishments of the Bank and its clients.
This event, organised by EBRD’s Environment and Sustainability Department, began with a dynamic presentation of the Bank’s Sustainability Report 2017. The panel demonstrated how EBRD implements its environmental and social policies, explaining strategic themes, showing how we monitor and measure impacts, and how we engage with our stakeholders. The launch included an external expert review of the report followed by a discussion with active audience participation.
The event concluded with the EBRD Sustainability Awards 2018, where the remarkable achievements of award winning EBRD clients were showcased and celebrated. Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards were presented in four categories: Sustainable Energy; Climate Resilience; Environmental & Social Best Practice and Environmental & Social Innovation.
Jonathan Charles
Managing Director, Communications, EBRD
Alistair Clark
Managing Director, Environment & Sustainability, EBRD
Jan Piotrowski
Environment Correspondent, The Economist
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