heart art
When I originally painted my first heart collages, I had an Andy Warhol thing in mind. He used bright colors and simplified images. Whether he was doing soup cans, Chairman Mao, or Marilyn Monroe, he made multiple, multiple, multiple copies to display in large grids. These hearts are meant to be displayed in groups. Anything less than four probably isn’t really enough!

....and then there are some other heart art things......that aren't part of the particular series......but are simply meant to be be lovely metaphors ... iconographically something more than just a heart ..... some of the heart art have maps ... shouldn't all hearts come with maps!? ....some hearts have keys .... are they locked? or easily unlocked? which way did you interpret it? and what does that say about you? and some are hanging on branches....waiting ... for what? for whom? like all art, the artist has one intention, but the viewer certainly can see and interpret something all together different....
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