oh mona!
Mona Lisa is probably my favorite artistic element to put into collages. I love her. When Leonardo Da Vinci painted her in the sixteenth century, surely he had NO idea how long lasting
and famous her image would become. Now, she is so famous that she is hardly even considered for her beauty, the enigma of her smile, the skill of the painting. Now, she is on tshirts, spaghetti sauce jars, and, yes, other artists’ art. I chose Mona to re-enchant
her, to give her a story. I love giving her comfortable shoes, fairy wings, a stylish haircut and great accessories. I like making her whimsical and fun. She still smiles at us with her mysterious look, but in my art she is flying through the sky, walking pigs, or wearing her newest Lands’ End shoes. Mona was extraordinary, then she became so prevalent she was ordinary, and now I hope I am making her extraordinary once again. How could a Bingo Mona ever be considered ordinary?
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