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    1. eBay & ADA Federal Law 76 months ago | reply


      November 18, 2009 4:52 09

      where is link to live chat? I have looked/ tried for days with no results of a connection! send copy of address link for live chat by email?
      Why is my account:
      “Registration blocked. Users whose registered status is blocked must resolve any outstanding complaints on file before proceeding. Please resolve all outstanding complaints and try again.”
      “Click here to make a one-time payment to pay your outstanding balance in full. Learn more about account suspension.”, eBay.

      I supplied the telephone number you asked for over the telephone and by email numerous times November 15, 2009.

      You are harassing, discriminating and retaliating against a handicapped disabled senior person that has asked for reasonable accommodation under Federal ADA Law Title Three and other sections but has not received the reasonable accommodation –

      1. why has my request for reasonable accommodation not been granted?
      2. the telephone number you requested eBay received by two mods verbal and email on November 15, 2009.
      3. why is the account still blocked?
      4. why am I not allowed to pay for items I contracted payment fore?
      5. telephone number to speak with a person and email address to corporate office in San Jose , CA, USA requested as reasonable accommodation to a handicapped disabled senior person under ADA Law so I discuss ADA Law violations and non compliance issues in order to avoid filling the charges against eBay with US Justice Department?


      Janet McDermott

      CC/ press / legal/court

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