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down to the essence

there are times when I can't just chew another sliver of beef - that's when Mum comes to the rescue with her double-boiled beef essence - choice of lean beef (from the ribeye) chopped and minced at home and placed in a big bowl, sprinkle a handful of wolfberries (or in place, one can use seeded red dates), a codonopsis root (dang shen or dong sum) cut into short lengths, a few slices of american ginseng (optional), and pour in a rice bowl of water. Place the big bowl into a pot filled with water about half way up the big bowl - and steamed / double-boiled on slow fire for about 1 hour or so.


All the goodness of the beef (its very essence) together with the benefits of the chinese herbs are then ready to be drunk in one bowl - serving just for one (me!).


For complete recipe - check out my blog's post.

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Uploaded on December 5, 2007