• Jemina offered to fight this dude and he went on stage and went for a kiss. She rightfully pulled away and slapped him.

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  1. rob5408 85 months ago | reply

    Your 'douche' tag is right on the money. This guy was an idiot!

  2. carolyncarolyn 85 months ago | reply

    what an asshole

  3. mediaeater 85 months ago | reply

    you make me want to use flash - that was a great moment
    i have like 5 frames b4 that and he was looking like he was telling her something - then busts the try to kiss her move - wtf - she really socked him hard. !

  4. eatsdirt 85 months ago | reply

    well she did say she got kicked out of places in nashville for fighting. he learned the hard way that she was telling the truth.

  5. NYCArthur 84 months ago | reply

    cool -

    on stage humiliation!!

    Looks like she's got the guitar up between his legs.

  6. glen_s_colen 74 months ago | reply

    heh - awesome!

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