A game of give and take
There are ways for global experience seekers to give back to nature and the local communities.

My girlfriend's idea of going camping is spending a maximum of two nights in a cozy cabin in a national park, complete with hot water, hair dryer, and 24-hour electricity. However much she would like to believe she can 'rough it' in the wild, you cannot take the big city out of her. She's quite good at foraging for dry branches to feed the campfire, I'll give her that, but I suspect she just likes to have an excuse to nose around the forest floor, picking up things off the ground as she pleases. With her mortal fear of bugs and insects exhibiting what she calls "sporadic flight patterns", she took me by surprise when she suggested Costa Rica for our holidays, a country known more for its wildlife biodiversity than its city charms. I'm a mountains kind of guy, and my lady tends to favor beaches, but luckily, the country offers beautiful examples of both.
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