• The results of 3 years of hard work
  • Articles and other references
  • Wash buffer for Western Blot.
  • Cuvettes for absorption spectrophotometry. Actually, some of these boxes are empty. I'm a packrat.
  • More cuvettes (see above)
  • Pipetter.
  • Blue pipette tips
  • gel-loading tips
  • Important stuff
  • Pens and sharpies in an empty Pringles container. Save the environment: recycle!
  • This box can be sent back to the supplier for recycling. I rescued it from the garbage, but haven't had a chance to send it back. It's all in the name of waste-reduction!
  • Big box of very specific test tubes that I only use for one type of experiment and that will last me a life time (and the box is taking up so much space...)
  • Current work (important!) and something I was reading, with a highlighter.
  • Old work on CDs
  • A bag of pipettes. This, and the pipetter, are the only things that don't belong on my desk. The rest is just...spread out.
  • The blue things are exposed films from Western Blots I did that day.
  • The four white things are my western blots. They're taped on an old film so they fit in the cassette and I can expose them on a new film. (See elsewhere on the desk)
  • Knickknacks, old blots, and junk.
  • Varsity newspaper with article about tuition increase for international students.
  • The five-year-old daughter of a colleague drew this for me. It's Barbie, and it's a really great picture!
  • PhD comics cartoon about messy desks... ;)
  • The person at the bench behind me grows her own plants (as a hobby) in the lab, and they're taking over the entire window sill. It's cool though: we have my pictures on the wall, and her plants.
  • Photo of my cat in someone else's apartment
  • My cat vacationing at Sandra's house.
  • newspaper picture of a cat with a SARS mask
  • My orchestra: first violin section
  • My orchestra: cello section
  • newspaper clipping about the meowlingual: a machine that translates cat-speak to English
  • My parents' cat (who likes posing for photographs)
  • newspaper clipping about a genetic difference that makes some people morning people and other people night people. I can't help it, okay, it's GENETICS!
  • people with funny SARS masks
  • clipping about rubber duckies traveling the oceans for 11 years before they washed ashore last year, and how they were helpful to oceanographers.
  • Me and Kathy at Chrissie's wedding
  • Weekly calendar with pictures from Holland. OH! Gah! This calendar is cool because it does NOT have a lot of windmills, and of ALL the pretty buildings, this week HAD to be a windmill. I SWEAR there's more to Holland than windmills!
  • Someone gave me this: two tigers born in a Dutch zoo.
  • This card says: "If I were a scientist working in a big lab, I'd shout Eureka every so often just to boost morale"
  • An alien I drew on a piece of paper towel.
  • Fish-shaped floating device for eppendorf tubes. This is lab equipment, and I sometimes use it, but then I just stick it back to my "collage" afterwards.
  • Someone gave me this big newspaper photo of a KLM jet almost touching people on a beach somewhere on one of those Carribean islands, I think.
  • Article: "The Dutch just keep growing and growing". Because nobody believes me when I say that my 5'4" is SMALL for Dutch standards. They insist that I'm normal, and here is the proof that I am in fact ABNORMAL!! There!
  • Printed out pathway of the proteins I work with. I use it to point things out when I'm explaining it to people, so it's really inconvenient that I stuck it around the corner, but there was no room on the accessible part of the wall!
  • My most favouritestest Linwood Barclay column: it's about how to annoy US border officials, and it cleverly lists a scenario of ALL things that they could complain about (legalized drugs, Canadian beef, SARS, West-Nile, gay marriage, etc. etc.)
  • HILARIOUSLY detailed article, also from The Toronto Star, about how George W. Bush fell from his mountain bike. It was on the "Democrats Meet" page before the US elections, and it's called "Meanwhile, back in Texas."
  • Photo of my skittish kitty together with a Mutts cartoon about a skittish kitty, and they look exactly the same!
  • My cat lying on a mousepad looking all confident.
  • My sister's swim team in Moscow
  • My sister's swim team in action
  • PhD comics cartoon about how 7 years of data only leads to ONE figure.
  • newspaper photo with my sister in it.
  • Poster from Kevin's CD release
  • This is not mine anymore: this is on Sandra's bench. She works across from me.
  • A magnet
  • Mysterious cable. It might be internet, so I'm careful with it!
  • A spot for a picture of me, or at least for this note from me!!!.. lol - photojunkie

A well-organised mess

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This is my desk at the lab. Yes, it's a horrendous mess, but some of it is on purpose (the wall!) Most of the important work is done elsewhere, this is just where everything eventually ends up as far as results and fun things. Mouse over everything to see what it all is. Described within great detail!

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  1. phonakins ages ago | reply

    oooh that is coool :) how long did it take to do all those comments?

  2. Easternblot ages ago | reply

    30 minutes maybe?

  3. CMBLOG 119 months ago | reply

    Oooh, I need to learn to do that!

  4. photojunkie 119 months ago | reply

    OMG those notes rock

  5. Esther17 119 months ago | reply

    Awesome noteage! :-)

  6. adhdknitting 97 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called "Just Another Manic Moment", and we'd love to have your photo added to the group. ok now you win the prize for the most notes thus far. do i sense some ocd there...join our group

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