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January 1: Starting the year off right

January 1: Starting the year off right January 2: Close Up Violets January 3: What Looking for a Job Looks like January 4: E. Stephen January 5: Interview Look January 6: Juanita January 7: Hipstamatic Palm Tree January 8: Farmers Market Oranges January 9: Juanita's Nose January 10: Paper Camera Keyboard January 11: Fourth and San Fernando January 12: The Framework January 13: Etta May on the Couch January 14: My Shoe January 15: Who thought you would ever read this? January 16: Monday Groceries January 17: Holga Jerry January 18: Scared Face January 19: Sitting on the floor January 20: Jacques-Yves Cousteau

I am trying to complete a photo a day project for the third straight year.

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