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365.30 - death of the knitblog? | by earthchick
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365.30 - death of the knitblog?

There's been buzz about this here and there for awhile; most recently Cara's been talking about it . Did Ravelry kill the knitblog?


My blog has certainly suffered. But in a way, Ravelry was really only an intermediary. Ravelry got me more involved in Flickr, and Flickr is where my online craft-related fun time seems to go these days. It's like a mini-blog, and I really like how communal it is. I think the craft community on Flickr is as vibrant as it ever was in the blog community. Flickr is self-contained - it's easy to respond to comments and for commenters to see that you've responded, without having to resort to a private message. Ravelry is self-contained too, but Flickr can encompass more than just knit/crochet. Ravelry contains the in-depth info I'm sometimes looking for, but for that quick crafty hit I used to get from surfing blogs, I come here instead.


Still, I want to maintain my blog (though I'm currently doing a terrible job of doing so). There are people in my real life who sort of keep up with me through it, and they will never be on Ravelry or on Flickr. And there are other reasons, too, though I find them hard to articulate. What role does the blog play, in the world of Ravelry and Flickr?


Furthermore, what is the protocol now that we are posting our fiber news in multiple venues? If Knitter X posts pics of her projects in Flickr, on Ravelry, and on her blog, do I comment on all three places? And if not, then how do I decide which one to leave a comment on? Which of the three has more "weight" at this point?


The online craft community continues to morph, and that's fine by me. I've loved every place it has taken me, and I'm game for whatever comes next.

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Taken on June 29, 2008