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Oh, the irony!!

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Crash Reporter (wait for it... wait for it...) CRASHED!

Btw, the Crash Reporter came up when Firefox 3 crashed.
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  1. bambl 71 months ago | reply

    see it all the time

  2. omixtega 71 months ago | reply


  3. ndfan620 71 months ago | reply

    This is why God made the "EASY BUTTON"

  4. aarchel822 [deleted] 71 months ago | reply

    FYI: To capture a window in OS X, press CMD+SHIFT+4. Your mouse pointer changes to a crosshair. Move your pointer over the window you want to capture and press the SPACE BAR. Your pointer turns into a camera with the window highlighted in blue. Click to capture the window. This also captures the transparent shadow in the PNG file. Nice!

  5. Veronica Belmont 71 months ago | reply

    aarchel - that's exactly what i did!

  6. Rob Ruiz 71 months ago | reply

    Then what reported it?

  7. Charles Crosbie 71 months ago | reply

    Press "any" key

  8. Leo King 71 months ago | reply

    Attention: the application which reports when the crash reporter crashes, has crashed.

  9. Tilemahos Efthimiadis 71 months ago | reply

    crash reporter reporting a crash of the crash reporter

  10. FrasSmith [deleted] 71 months ago | reply

    It's a bit like this Windows counterpart...

    Handled or Unhandled, you decide

  11. Steve Moser 71 months ago | reply

    This is sooo Meta.

  12. budsbkr 71 months ago | reply

    oh shit! no good...

  13. Thinkmatic 71 months ago | reply

    LMAO, that should slow down the Apple brainwashing process!
    booya! :)

  14. Doctor Noe 71 months ago | reply

    cogito ergo sump'n or udder

  15. Dubo.cl 71 months ago | reply


  16. gotspeed1212 71 months ago | reply

    "Veronica Belmont Pro User says:

    there be no windows install here! "

    have no fear windows users mac is for the slow ones :) thats why its only 6% :P

    lol jk
    i love it when the debugger in windows crashes and asks if you want to debug i always lol when that happens

  17. cdeclama 71 months ago | reply

    Pot meet kettle!

  18. Petri Lopia 70 months ago | reply

    That's so typical with mac... I got those a lot with my macbook pro =(

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