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so this is it.

the big 365.

the one i've been working up to for a year.

we're teenagers: we count the days not the years.


i planned this photo to finish my project because in my head, it combines some of my favourite work in one. it's a bit of a reflection: but i'm ok with that. however, there are probably 365 things i'd change about it, improvements, things to do better...but if i think about it, i'd probably change at least that many things that i've done in the last 365 days...but at the end of the day, i'm happy with both.


so. at the start of this project, i said i wanted it to show "how i change, and how i feel every day." and i hope it's done just that. throughout this year i've read a lot of 'final 365' photos and i never quite understood why some people got so emotional: but now i do. i really feel like i've achieved something. it's nothing like getting an A* in an exam, because this is something i actually care about, and i feel proud of myself for having done this. much prouder of myself than after an exam! (although if i get an A* in my photography exam maybe i'll feel this way again!) i'm proud because no matter what's happened, no matter what life's thrown at me, and no matter how many times i've felt so uninspired i've nearly given up: i never did. and i'm proud to be able to say that. the last year has been crazy: it's had ups and downs and i've smiled and i've cried. there have been memories i'll keep forever, and there have been moments i wish i could forget. i've made new friends i hope to keep forever, and i've had days of silence where i've not spoken to the person who is one of the most important in the world to me. but i've got through it. and in a way, this project shows that.

on the photography side, this project has helped me find my style of photography. it's helped me develop my skills. it's taught me to be creative. it's taught me to listen even more to all the lyrics i listen to, because a lot of them translate quite well into a photo. it's been crazy - i've started using film, and have fallen in love with it nearly more so than digital! i've started a collection of film cameras. i've finally persuaded my dad to let me have a darkroom at home! (although it will probably only be to develop films, but i can enlarge them as prints at school.) i've had my first exhibition.

i've grown in confidence. within myself and in my photography.


So there we go Flickr. I've done it. One whole year done and dusted. I'd just like to say a huge thank you to everybody who has supported me along the way: the 'Flickr Friends' I've made who i tell everything to and who mean as much to me as my 'real' friends do!

i'd like to thank lauren, bea and allie for listening to me and always being there to discuss photography and anything else i need to.

Lauren i can't wait to see you in the summer.


And don't think you've got rid of me Flickr-ers! I still have my 52 week project to finish, which i can now give the effort it deserves. I've also just started my own 'Stuck in her Daydream' project, and I've also started a '100 Strangers' which i am going to be using as part of my photography exam at school.


personal thankyous:

as usual, i'd like to thank my mum, who drove me up to this rock on top of a hill in the rain, who painted the numbers all over me, who pressed the shutter for me endless times, (yeah, i need to invest in a remote) and who didn't give up even when a family got out of their car from the road because they were confused as to what i was doing.

big thankyou to my sister who has modelled, sometimes pretty unwillingly, in so many of my photos. she knows im grateful. she's thankful to see this project over.

and finally, big thankyous to my 'real life' friends - those who have flickr and who don't, who have inspired me, allowed me to take photos of them, let me talk for hours on end about photo ideas i'm sure they're not overly interested in. fern and katie. you know who you are.

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Taken on June 7, 2012