• My Palm PDA, a Tungsten E. It works great. No WiFi feature, though; I think the newer ones have it. I use it and Palm Desktop instead of Outlook on my iBook for synching my calendar, Word docs and contact functions.
  • 7 Habits plastic cards from the Covey 7 Habits seminar from about 10 years ago - still great stuff though. I keep it in there all the time.
  • Veronica, my 30 gig photo iPod. My son gave it to me when he upgraded to an iPod video. Nice! You can meet her here, and find out what she's all about! flickr.com/photos/earlg/171280311/in/set-72157594160777699/
  • My polo shirt I got at Emeril's restaurant in Atlanta last month. BAM! What a great restaurant! The best I've ever had, and the best dining experience, too. Emeril is the MAN!
  • Polo shirt for Wednesday. (I arrived on Tuesday morning.)
  • Boxers or briefs? Both! Boxer briefs from JC Penny's. These are what all the cool guys wear, but never on the outside of your pants, except maybe at Mardi Gras, and never on your head, unless you forgot and left your chef's hat at home.
  • My camera bag.
  • My favorite hat. I got it when Tom Peters was launching his website back in the 90's for free when I critiqued the site. I dig the red exclamation point, and I haven't seen anyone else with one, either. My wife said that should tell me something . . .
  • Travel kit, without scissors and nail clippers or cologne due to flying regs. Current favorites? Polo Black, CK One and Acqua di Gio if you need gift ideas for me. I would not be happy if TSA took it from me, so I leave it at home and just smell like whatever shampoo in the hotel smells like. Urk.
  • Big Dogs key ring that I use as a zipper pull - the big dog is dressed up like the Hawaiian King Kamehameha. It says "Big Kahuna" under it, which works for me because that's what I was called from '69 - '76 when I was a D minus mediocre South Jersey, Delaware shore surfer. But I still like it.
  • My Moleskine journal, with only a few pages left. You can see what it's like here: flickr.com/photos/earlg/163867387/in/set-72157594160777699/
  • The Message New Testament - my favorite translation, just like real people talk today. I mean real NORMAL regular people. It's excellent!
  • Practicing Greatness by Reggie McNeal. Excellent book, nice guy. I met him when he spoke at an all day conference I helped put together in September, and I was the one who got to pick him up from the airport and take him back after - he was great to hang out with. Plus I got a free book.
  • Rules Of The Red Rubber Ball - copy for my friend Larry from Kansas who was in town for the meeting, too. Great book for a great friend.
  • A Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink. The whole left brain/right brain thing, but totally accessible and a great read. This is an autographed copy he sent me when it came out in paperback as a thank you for interacting with him as the original was being published. A gift for my friend Larry.
  • My official quart size ziplock bag full of stuff TSA wants to look at before you get on the plane. Inside: mini bottle of really nice shampoo from a Hilton; generic Flonase for allergies; mini Herbal Extreme toothpaste; Gillette Cool Wave gel deodo - because I AM a cool wave. TSA passed it all!
  • My W.U.P. - Wake Up Pad. You can see it here flickr.com/photos/earlg/269547995/ and read the entries in it here: earlg.vox.com I carry it with me all the time - rule #1!
  • My 5.7.5. Haiku journal. My friends Bob And Joan bought me a three pack of these blank Moleskine Cahiers from Paris, and I had been saving them for something special. I like poetry a lot, and Haiku is pretty interesting, so it's a good fit. I'll post the first few when they're ready.
  • Latest issue of Fast Company, my favorite magazine. Some great stuff this month, so I purposely didn't read it when it came so I could have it for the trip.
  • Inc. magazine. Read it between Cincy & Charlotte. I subscribe to it to get ideas and best practices for small businesses and organizational development. They used my photo of Clif Bars on their web site. The photo is here: flickr.com/photos/earlg/163755541/in/set-72157594160777699
  • Special tag that you have to put on your luggage when you fly on the regional 50 passenger mini-jets, in case you can't fit your carry on in the briefcase sized overhead (I couldn't) or under the seat in front of you (I could.) If you can't fit it, they stow it under the plane. No place for feet!
  • 1. I flew US Air. Their terminals are about as big as a bus stop shelter, except without the amenities, everywhere except Charlotte (their hub) which is beautiful. My return flight through Philly got cancelled so they put me through Charlotte.
  • 2. The extra hour in Charlotte was GREAT. I had a hot Quizno's sub, rocked in a classic wooden rocker and listened to a remarkable pianist play everything from jazz to you name it on a beautiful grand piano. What a mellow time, and I was happy to drop something in her tip jar for the artistry.
  • Charger and batteries (2400 mAh) for my digicam. This was the only shot I took!
  • iPod charger for Veronica, my 30 gig photo iPod.
  • Portable charger for the Palm pda.
  • Charger for my Nokia mobile phone.
  • Bag that originally held charger adapter cords for around the world for a Palm pda that wore out. I chucked the adapters but kept the bag and put these chargers in it now.
  • Penguin Caffeinated Mints. They are GREAT, especially when the meeting drags (it didn't) or you get tired (I didn't.) Can be tough on the BP, though . . . and hard to find. You can always get them on line, though, and at Hudson Trail Outfitters.
  • Clif Bars. If you don't use them, please try them. They taste great, have none of the bad stuff and all of the good stuff, and they work exceptionally well when you are dragging a little. I brought 2 crunchy peanut butter and 2 peanut butter chocolate chip. Great for travel!
  • Golden delicious apple. Started with three, ate two on the way and this one the next afternoon. I am a big apple fan!
  • Key card for the Cincinnatti Airport Marriott, which is across the river in Kentucky. Very comfortable hotel, but not walking distance to anywhere else. 90% of the card is an ad for the Bonefish Grill, which I hear is good but was nowhere near the hotel. Don't play me like that!
  • My copy of Rules Of The Red Rubber Ball. Go to Borders or Barnes and Noble and check out a copy, then get one for yourself. I keep reading and re-reading it!
  • Sleeve of my brown leather aviator's jacket, a great gift from a friend. I love wearing it, especially because it reminds me of my dad who was in the Army Air Corp in WW II. It's what I always wear when I have to fly anywhere except in the summer. It's warm enough for the cold and easy to carry.
  • Tin of Ice Breaker mints - good for sharing and good for killing mid-afternoon conference breath, too. Get them in your grocery check out line.
  • One of six pillows, on a great king-sized bed. Ahhhhh . . . sometimes it's good to be the king. What a nice room.
  • What I used this time as carry on -nice codura nylon bag I scored as a door prize at a Super Bowl party in the 90's. It came from a brick manufacturer and is a really good bag. Sweeeeet - free and nice!
  • What's not here: my iBook. I left it at home on purpose, so I wouldn't want to mess around with it - like I'm doing now. It was nice just carrying one bag! If it had been longer than three days like this trip was, I probably would have brought it.
  • After you read the Flickr notes, you can view it large and see what everything looks like a lot better!
  • I love to travel, and everything about it - seeing the people, all of the crowds and the energy, the way the plane feels when it taking off, banking and slowing down, and especially the packing. It gears me up for the trip! I'm sure I'm weird about a ton of other things, too!
  • Dale427 asked me how much it weighed, and I'm guessing 20 pounds or so going, a little less coming back. I gave Larry the two books I had for him, I had eaten the Clif Bars & three apples & added one book from Larry, a manila folder's worth of papers & a Skyline Chili t-shirt for my son.
  • Two pens. Left: black Cross ballpoint with blue fine point ink. From my wife, it's got to be at least 15 years ago! Right: PhD (as close as I'll get to having a PhD, too) multi pen with medium black ink, pencil and stylus that I use for the Palm. A gift from my son, 6 years ago.
  • Daytimers leather pda case. Bought it in 2002 when I switched from the Daytimer system to my first Palm, an i705, that my friend Charlie got at a conference and gave to me for my 50th birthday. Nice!
  • My favorite piece of travel gear came to its final journey in October this year after TSA broke the locks to see what was in it in Atlanta after I had checked it through curbside. Ouch! You can say goodbye to it here: flickr.com/photos/earlg/280538938/in/set-72157594160777699/
  • There are lot of things in this picture that were given to me by friends. When I re-read the Flickr notes and saw how much it was, it made me pretty thankful for the people in my life. They are a gift!
  • Read Practicing Greatness flying Baltimore to Charlotte and Charlotte to Cincinnati going out and Inc from Cincy to Charlotte and then Extraordinary Putting (a gift from my friend Larry; I didn't have it yet when I took this shot) from Charlotte to back home in Baltimore. Good stuff!

What's really in my carry on bag? - With Flickr notes!

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I just got back from a couple of days in Cincinnati, and here is all of my stuff. I wanted to go 100% carry on, and made it! This is everything that was in it when I checked into my hotel room. Hit the notes to see what's what . . .

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  1. BellaMissM 102 months ago | reply

    Awesome!!! I love your pics with flickr notes!!!

    I hope u have a good weekend earl!!!

  2. disco62 102 months ago | reply

    I cant see your credit card ? lol

  3. dale427 [deleted] 102 months ago | reply

    That's gotta be heavy. How many pounds?

  4. Earl - What I Saw 2.0 102 months ago | reply

    BellaMissM - thanks! Have a great weekend, too!

  5. Earl - What I Saw 2.0 102 months ago | reply

    Hey disco! I thought I already gave you those numbers - sorry, man!

  6. Earl - What I Saw 2.0 102 months ago | reply

    Hi Dale! I guess it was around 20 pounds. Even when I travel light it's still kind of heavy. I added a new Flickr note to answer your question, too. Thanks!

  7. Laserone ☆ Lauren 102 months ago | reply

    I love these kinds of 'what's in your bag' annotated pix. :)

  8. Earl - What I Saw 2.0 102 months ago | reply

    Thanks, laserone - it's fun putting them together, too!

  9. Matt Foley, Jr. [deleted] 102 months ago | reply

    Ha! I have to go to Bonefish Grill for a dinner for work next week. I love to fish, but I always release them back in the water. I guess that's obvious since you wouldn't release a fish on the dirt.

  10. Earl - What I Saw 2.0 102 months ago | reply

    Hi CJ - no way I can argue against that logic! I think this one you're just going to have to go ahead and eat. Let me know what it's like there - I may try the one near where we live.

    Bone Appetite!

  11. Perfectance 102 months ago | reply

    Mmmm, clif bars...

  12. Earl - What I Saw 2.0 102 months ago | reply

    Always good to hang out with Clif Bar fans, Perfectance - enjoy!

  13. The_Inquisitor 102 months ago | reply

    I love these kind of photos, You got a lot of goodies in your bag....

  14. Earl - What I Saw 2.0 102 months ago | reply

    Thanks, Inquisitor - it was nice to get back home and unpack it, too!

  15. Black Dust a.k.a. odonbd 102 months ago | reply

    You got a lot of work on the notes. And some of them are with links.

  16. Earl - What I Saw 2.0 102 months ago | reply

    Hi odon! This was one of my favorite ones to add in the Flickr notes. Glad you liked it!

  17. Thomas Boesgaard 95 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Lightweight travel, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

  18. Earl - What I Saw 2.0 95 months ago | reply

    Happy to see my packing for travel obsession has a home on Flickr - thanks for the invitation!

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