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My Sister's Keeper

I had two favorite quotes in this book. Coincidentally, they were both on the same page.


Summertime, I think, is a collective unconscious... we all have lain on our backs with our eyes closed and our hearts beating across the surface of our lids, hoping that this day will stretch just a little longer than the last (279)


When he smiles at me, I'm lost (279)


Personal (totally informal) Review:

To be completely honest, I didn't like this book until the end. The plot was just kinda odd to me. I found it hard to relate with the characters and couldn't understand why Anna (the main character) was doing what she did. I didn't truly understand until the last 100ish pages.

The ending was extremely sad, much much sadder and extremely different from that of the movie.

Truthfully, this book took me several months to get through. The plot seemed slow and didn't quite hold my attention until later. I ended up reading other books before finally finishing this one.

I actually found the style of writing to be pretty amazing. It's full of incredibly touching and inspiring quotes, and many strong points are cleverly stated.

Overall, I would recommend reading it. I've heard many people say it's their favorite book, although it surely is not mine. I think it all depends on your perspective on the issues presented.


If any of you have read it, I'd love to hear your feedback on it! :)

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Uploaded on March 30, 2010