3d pan white

Modjeska Theatre

Went on a tour today of shuttered and repurposed theatres in Milwaukee. A classmate of mine created a Milwaukee Cinema Graveyard map/website and took me along to photograph some of them.


I had a lot of strangeness with the film I was using and I needed to underexpose by about two stops to get good images, but I didn't figure this out until it was a little too late. Then, by the time the sun had gone away things changed again and I didn't ever really nailed the exposure. I didn't want to hold him up as I tried to get the "right" shot either so I just kept moving along even when I wanted to try again. Maybe I'll go back out on my own.


Ok, so what was going on here?! I had two images come out blank. THEN I was at a completely different theatre (NOT the Modjeska!), snapped the shutter and pulled out this! Huh?! Where was the theatre I'd shot? Why was there this big hole in the center? What a mystery.

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Taken on May 1, 2010