• Seeberus - the three-headed security camera.
  • Small business murderers. Please do not support these murderers. - HolgaVision
  • Font: supposedly some derivation of Roger Excoffon's "Antique Olive Black" (1965)

wal-mart supercenter

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  1. marythom 100 months ago | reply

    You know what's sad? With just a glance of the picture I knew which Wal-Mart it was in Mobile.

  2. Southern Satori 100 months ago | reply

    Banksy, the London-based stencil & graffiti artist whose work I love, does a lot of art pieces that speak out against those types of security cameras. I hope they don't make their way much further into the public landscape in Alabama. Banksy's stuff is at www.banksy.co.uk/

  3. Dystopos 100 months ago | reply

    Alabama State Representative David Grimes has a bill in subcommittee called the "Red Light Safety Act", that would allow cities to install traffic cameras at intersections and send automated tickets to owners of cars photographed running the light. According to Grimes, "traffic cameras do not violate privacy,... many states already use them,... surveillance cameras are everywhere. If people don't like cameras, well, don't go to Wal-Mart."

    The bill has been effectively tabled for the current session, but a similar Senate bill is in the works.

    (Crimson White story)

  4. Davido 100 months ago | reply

    Wal Mart in the U.K. there's a spy camera there, somewhere....
    Asda +  WAL MART

  5. Davido 100 months ago | reply

    Spot the spy camera here.

    Yellow Black and Blue

  6. King Power Cinema 100 months ago | reply


    Looked at the graffiti website you posted. Kick ass stuff.

  7. Southern Satori 100 months ago | reply

    Thanks - I love turning people on to Banksy. You can find other great stuff at Stencil Revolution and Stencil Archive.

  8. Denna Jones 100 months ago | reply

    I've noticed several posts saying how great Banksy is. If you think it "kicks ass" to graffiti live animals and tether them in a "trendy" east London gallery as "art", which Banksy has done (a pig and a cow), then yeh I guess that makes Banksy "cool". But not in my book. Tosser.

  9. Dystopos 100 months ago | reply

    To each his own. I guess they were alive, sheltered, fed and admired in service to some conception of art rather than slaughtered, tanned, sewn and drop-kicked in service to competitive spectacle.

  10. T.L.A. 71 months ago | reply

    This brings back memories of road tripping around the United States. Maybe that's why I returned back to San Francisco so depressed.

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