Acocks Green Police Station
Acocks Green Police Station was designed by A. B. Rowe, County Surveyor and Architect for Worcester (He also designed Acocks Green Primary School) and was built in 1909 for Worcester County Council, when Acocks Green (in Yardley Parish) was a part of Worcestershire (Note the three pears over the door: To this day this is the Worcestershire Coat of Arms. Local legend has it that this handsome Police Station, comprising Police Station, Magistrate's Court, cells and Police Residential quarters, was a gift from Worcestershire to Yardley when they were hoping that Yardley would opt to remain part of Worcestershire instead of transferring to Birmingham. Alas Yardley went to Birmingham two years later, in 1911.

The Station is currently locally listed Grade B. It is hoped that its status can be raised to help protect it, should West Midlands Police decide that the building is surplus to requirements.

Although some are now semi-hidden, the Station still has a wealth of original features.
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