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    1. Funky Casanova ages ago | reply

      weren't those lines recited in "Dangerous Minds"??

      i love those lines.. very beautiful.. very strong!

    2. Funky Casanova ages ago | reply

      does your name and this poet's have any.. ahm.. submeaning??? *i don't know if there is such word*

    3. matt_e ages ago | reply

      That is without doubt the best tattoo I've ever seen. And the lines are from one of my favourite poems. Kudos.

    4. Dylan ages ago | reply

      I am named after him. He is my great great grandmother's favorite poet.

    5. Here's Kate ages ago | reply

      Very nice. I've been warned against getting a tatt there - told it's a particularly hurt-y spot - but I'm still keen. How was it for you?
      Kt - The Department

    6. Dylan ages ago | reply

      It is kinda weird. It isn't too bad, but yeah painfull. One side of your body feels pain more intensly that the other. For me the left side is more sensitive.

      The pain is very bearable.

    7. Clara .Go ages ago | reply

      uooouuUUU, very nice words.

    8. joaobambu ages ago | reply

      very powerful; one of my favourite quotes

    9. Peet Sneekes ages ago | reply

      very nice ..

    10. lil lambchop [deleted] ages ago | reply


    11. Meltingartist182 119 months ago | reply

      sweet I like that.. Very deep, an very well written.. Just wanted to's great!!

    12. Dylan 118 months ago | reply

      Thanks for all the comments.

    13. orangedude_2004 115 months ago | reply

      At least you have some good poetry in your tat. Nothing worse then a cheesy tat pic or Japanese, like a friend of mine has on the back of her neck, which she won't say what it means in English. So why bother, then?

    14. Dylan 114 months ago | reply

      Tattoos aren't always for other people to look at or understand.

    15. Anthony Thomas [aka wabberjocky] 103 months ago | reply

      Great tat. I could never decide what to say. Please add it to my Dylan Thomas group.

    16. pentimento 103 months ago | reply

      the most fabulous tatto I've seen! I love this stanza.

    17. potter.head11 91 months ago | reply

      what font is this?

    18. hellodeer 89 months ago | reply

      the homestead bar in SF(mission district) has that painted on the bar. its great.

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