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Triviidae (Trivia family)

Top Row:

1. Trivia solandri

Cabo Tepoca, Sonora, Mexico


2. Trivia europa

Sangenjo, Spain (north of Portugal)


3. Trivia pacifica

Pedro Gonzales Island, Las Perlas Islands, Panama

September, 1976


4. Trivirostra oryza [syn. Trivia oryza]

Off Hooks Reef, Queensland, Australia

March, 1970


5. Triviella ovulata [syn. Trivia ovulata]

Jeffreys Bay, South Africa


Middle Row:

6. Trivia monacha [syn. Trivia acuminata]

Almería, Spain


7. Trivia pediculus

Espírito Santo, Brazil

January, 1976


8. Trivia sanguinea

Pedro Gonzales Island, Las Perlas, Panama

April, 1976


9. Trivia rubescens

Bandera Bay, Nayarit, Mexico


10. Trivirostra hordacea [syn. Trivia hordacea]

Chun's Reef, Oʻahu, USA

October, 1981 (beach collected)


Bottom Row:

11. Trivia californiana

Cabo Tecopa, Sonora, Mexico


12. Trivia merces

Browns Beach, South Australia


13. Trivirostra pellucidula [syn. Trivia pellucidula]

Koniya, Amami Islands (south of Japan)


14. Trivia quadripunctata

Marathon, Florida, USA


15. Trivia myrae

Manzanillo, West Mexico


NOTE: I have not collected live shells since the mid-1970's. I believe that the animal itself is much more valuable alive than destroyed for its shell. It is for this reason that I will now only collect beach/forest shells from deceased specimens.

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Taken on November 30, 2011