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Karak Kadrin | by Dwalin Forkbeard
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Karak Kadrin

The universe of Warhammer Fantasy not so popular among the LEGO comunity, like, for example, Middle-Earth, but it gives a lot of inspiration for me. Everyone knows Erebor, and I want to show you my vision of equally famous Dwarf fortress.


Karak Kadrin, known also as Slayers Keep is a Dwarf stronghold which guards Peak Pass, an important trading route which runs through the Worlds Edge Mountains from the distant east to the Old World. A mighty and well-known kingdom, Karak Kadrin benefits from its position, having become both a wealthy trading center and the largest, most populous and most powerful Dwarf kingdom in the Pass. Despite being besieged countless times, Karak Kadrin has never fallen. Its impregnability is probably due to the fact it has become the home of the feared Dwarven Slayers, who are naturally attracted to such a contested place. On account of this, Karak Kadrin is commonly known as "Slayer Keep", and is an important centre for the worship of Grimnir, the Dwarf Ancestor God epitomizing fearlessness and fighting spirit.


You may think that this MOC is formulaic, and may be you will be right, but I think such type of fortress fits the best for the Dwarves.

Once I've built Dwarvish Gates (, and since that times I got a little more parts but still not enough. When I was on the half of the way, I realized that I have no parts at all to finish it. So I borrowed parts all over the country. Anyway, the result is not the same, I've had in my mind. I know about weaknesses of this MOC and maybe in future I can show better version. May be it will be Karaz-a-Karak, who knows?

Hope you like it.


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Uploaded on July 6, 2018