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Rori Dulgisson, Thane from Karak Zorn | by Dwalin Forkbeard
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Rori Dulgisson, Thane from Karak Zorn

Dwarf Thanes are the patriarchs of a Dwarf Clan and a powerful military leader within a Dwarf army.

Each Thane has within him a vast experience combating the enemies of their race, often built up over several centuries of constant warfare and strict studies.

When battle is joined, it is the Thanes, with their finely crafted armor and rune-inscribed weapons who seek out the enemy's most powerful combatants, matching bestial fury or dark magic with courage, honour and honest steel. Most Thanes are readily identified by the large wings that protrude from their helmets.









Killing grobi and everything without a beard


Drinking ale


Height 52 cm

Weight 2.5 kg

Movable arms, hands, fingers, feet


This MOC is a pinnacle of my passion for Dwarfs and Warhammer Fantasy Battles Universe. I spent about 2 months for it and proud and pleased with the result.

I wanted to try myself in maxifigures. Its new “genre” for me. At first I wanted to build in standart size, but during reflection process I understood, that detailed and curved lines I can get only in bigger MOC. It was hard to me to say what sizes it should be, so I decided to build separately body parts. And the boot was built… The harder part for me were the pants. I’ve rebuilt it four times. And as a result we have grim and grumpy Dwarf Rori Dulgisson 52 cm tall, and weight about 2.5 kg. Thanks to my wife for cape. Runes of Power she made with golden thread.

Also wanted to thank

Jack Os



Without whom this MOC wouldn’t be possible.



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Uploaded on July 28, 2017