• This one is from work. I had it home in anticipation of attending an off site meeting.
  • This is the notebook that this blog post is about. It was a dollar notebook at the supermarket, but it served me well. dvortygirl.blogspot.com/2006/08/between-purple-covers.html
  • I think this one had to do with trying to learn languages. I can learn languages, but taking notes turns out not to have much with how I go about it.
  • Where Wiktionary came from until I ran out of pages. Nothing else quite ever took the place of this notebook.
  • A personal journal. This one went on a trip or two, so it had a bit of a scrapbook aspect. You can read most of my current writings along these lines in my blog. dvortygirl.blogspot.com/
  • We started this when we got the house. It is about home repairs and occasionally gardening. Updates are haphazard at best, and I've always supplemented the record-keeping with plenty of digital photos.
  • Another dollar notebook that traveled around in my purse for two or three years until it got full. Journal, notes, planned writings, rough draft for the things I said at my wedding, and not too many shopping lists.
  • Not precisely sure anymore. I'm sure it's around here somewhere.
  • Decoration, mainly. If anyone can recommend a good, low- to medium- priced ballpoint pen that doesn't skip or scratch or drag along the page, I'd be glad to hear about it. I've had mixed/bad success with gel pens thus far.
  • If I took the same photo today, it would probably have a sketch book or two in it.

Notebook collection

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A selection of the notebooks I have kept. Front and center is the one that rides around in my purse to collect thoughts and ideas, but there are personal journals, class notebooks, a work notebook, a home-maintenance log and an old Wiktionary notebook in here, too.

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  1. midwestjournal 52 months ago | reply

    Thanks for making this Creative Commons license. I've used it in a blogpost and presentation about an introduction to getting your self scam free. It's hosted on that page and here's the scam free introduction slidecast. Hope to see the rest of your stuff soon!

  2. Dvortygirl 51 months ago | reply

    Cool. Thanks for letting me know. I post pretty much everything under a CC license or equivalent because I use a lot of freely-licensed photos for wikiHow articles and in my blog, and I know how much easier it makes things to have a pool of freely-licensed photos. In fact, I originally took this photo for the article www.wikihow.com/Keep-a-Notebook.

  3. athomemagazine 42 months ago | reply

    Hi! Thanks for giving this photo a Creative Commons, we have used it in a blog post here:www.athomemagazine.co.uk/business/3667-the-lo wdown-on-lit...

    At Home Magazine

  4. RickBsb 40 months ago | reply

    Many thanks for CC on this photo. I've also used it on a blog post here: hoprea.wordpress.com/2011/01/11/same-level-same-courseboo...

  5. clarkbarchocolate 38 months ago | reply

    Hello, I would also like to express thanks for the CC license. I've added your photo to a wiki to support a research project at my school.

  6. Mac MacPhail 33 months ago | reply

    Hi, Dvortygirl... Thanks for making this available under the CC license. I'm blogging at www.centerforhealthmediapolicy.com and have added your photo as a graphic. The blog post title is Nursing Students as Writers, and the date is July 18 or 19, 2011. Thanks. JS

  7. whitneyljohnson 24 months ago | reply

    Thank you for making this available under the CC license. I've used it in a post titled "A Hack for Your Dream".

  8. peppio 20 months ago | reply

    I googled 'I collect notebooks' and found this photo - I think I'm odder in that I collect notebooks but don't actually take notes. I just love the tactile nature of them

  9. valentinejess 16 months ago | reply

    Hi there. Posted your photo on my blog with HTML. Great photo!

  10. neezes 14 months ago | reply

    Fabulous image! I used it to illustrate this short blog post on poetry:


    Many thanks, Jonathan

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