Poas Volcano -Costa Rica

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    Turquoise, sulfury, hot water fills the mouth of the volcano.
    See where the photo was taken at maps.yuan.cc/.

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    1. Michael - B [deleted] 112 months ago | reply

      This shot looks pretty good to me, really.

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    2. dcJohn 112 months ago | reply

      It looks like a fascinating place to see, but as an image this just isn't doing it for me. The composition and perspective just aren't very interesting or compelling. A fine shot, but not a great one.

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    3. SolarTempest 112 months ago | reply

      There's so much contrast here that the cloud looks chunky. Whatever happened to the soft subtle variations in tone?

      Most craters are eerie and subdued, almost chilling. This reminds me more of 8 bit graphics than anything.

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    4. dvaires 112 months ago | reply

      Just so you can forget about being so sure that you've "caught" some unnatural contrast SolarTempest, here's a random Google photo of the same place:

      www.costaricatours.com/aboutcr/parkcr/poas volcano/poasweb.jpg

      Tell you what, send a letter to a Costa Rican embassy asking them to add some milk to the crater so the tones get "softer and subtler variations." :-p And, the cloud looks solid because is not water mist, it's a hot mix of vapor and gases.

    5. BIG PLASTIC HEAD 112 months ago | reply

      When I was there, it looked like this. You are very lucky you got a clear view. Congrats. But I think I need it a bit wider to sell it. Maybe 'cause I been there?

      Good but not superb.

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    6. dvaires 112 months ago | reply

      That's a shame paddy! Guess I did get lucky with the weather. I like the angle you found for yours, though.

    7. BIG PLASTIC HEAD 112 months ago | reply

      I think it was our own fault for sleeping in. (It was a day after our arrival in CR.) Did you hike around to that other lake at Poas? We had a clear view of that at least!

    8. dvaires 112 months ago | reply

      No, would have loved to but I actually had only one day before I had to get on the plane so went to this one, drove around the cafetales and spent the last few hours of the afternoon walking around San Jose. But I gotta go back with more time. Great place CR!

    9. Gary Lindquist 112 months ago | reply

      Interesting area, but the composition is not very good. Maybe a different focal length lens, or a different vantage point.

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    10. aMacHan 112 months ago | reply

      theres too much going on

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    11. Lissa** 112 months ago | reply

      I love the colors, but I agree that the angle seems a little bit off. Also, the photo looks slightly crooked - though could just be an artifact of the way that the lines lead the eye in the photograph though.

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    12. SolarTempest 112 months ago | reply

      Hmmm, although I see the burning out of the vapour in the random google picture Dvaires, I still don't think your picture looks very natural.

      It wasn't the contrast in the vapour specifically, it was of the entire photo. Probably the level of sharpening (in camera or otherwise) adds to the look too.

      Looking at Paddysat's Volcan Poas picture, there's so much continuity in the tones. That picture actually looks like a photograph the landscape, rather than a GIF image on the standard palette.

      This is no attack on your camera, nor your skills as a photographer. It's the basis for my opinion on your rendition of this location.

    13. hangglide 112 months ago | reply

      What a pretty place. I hate to vote delete on such a nice place. This might have been better as a panorama?

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    14. ken mccown 112 months ago | reply

      it would have been nice to have a wider tonal range here, you've lost detail in the shot.

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    15. skycaptaintwo 112 months ago | reply

      Sorry. The volcano looks scientifically interesting, but photographically not.

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    16. dvaires 112 months ago | reply

      Thanks all. I'll be back (muahaha?).

      SolarTempest: well, don't know what I can tell you about why it looks unnatural to you... maybe the sharp morning light? Those bright glasses you are wearing? I'll just blame your monitor, that's always a good way out!

      porkchops: YES! It was definitely the camera! :-) Anyway, I got my N80 now plus my little digital, so maybe I can destroy the graininess curse.

      planet_kasuppke: yeah, volcanoes rock alright. Gonna check your stream on that.

    17. SolarTempest 112 months ago | reply

      Heheh, if only everbody else calibrated their monitors properly eh?

    18. dvaires 112 months ago | reply


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