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Here's a scene I wanted to do for years!

I had my models wear their prom dresses to a Swan Lake shoot I did, and one of the models is Ashley.

Becky told me afterwards that Ashley looked like Ariel in her sparkly dress, and so I asked Ashley to be my Ariel.


I actually met and photographed Ashley prior to that shoot too. We're both Disney fanatics!


Anyway, we planned this for a long, LONG time. We actually had a male underwear model by the name of Elijah Sapko to be Prince Eric. He said yes to everything, I updated him to all of the info, but he never replies to me and never showed up to the shoot. Then we saw him walking around when we were eating at iHop after the shoot - thanks dude...


This photo is actually the original idea before Eric came into the picture!

Since the scene took place right at sunrise, I wanted to actually do it at sunrise. And sunrise we did. We arrived at the location at 5am, when it was completely dark. Did hair and makeup as the sky got brighter. It took so long for the Sun to hit the horizon. It was completely bright and I kept on thinking "WHERE IS THE SUN?!" That was my first sunrise by the way, it's really beautiful.


I had Ashley submerged in the water, coming out of it, walking back and forth so many times. Lighting was really difficult too. I could have the perfect light on her with no grain on her face, but the sunrise would wash out. I chose to lower the aperture and have her face grainy. Now that's why photographers have reflectors the size of 4 classroom chalk/dry erase boards! I need that...


Would've chose lame beach location with lots of tourists if it wasn't for Everett Kibler, so thanks Everett!


We had so much fun prior, during, and after the shooting. The nautical theme stayed throughout as I have the Little Mermaid soundtrack blasting from my iPod the entire time.


Oh, and Ashley lost her sandals after this. We looked like crazy teens digging through the sand, but we never found them.


Model: Ashley Daniello

Makeup by Luisa Cano

Hair by Samantha "Sam" Silverman


I realized that the title rather seems like an ode to Ashley's life. She's finally going to move to Orlando near Walt Disney World, and will one day work there.

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Taken on August 8, 2012