CCTV Building Development Construction Beijing 2007
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This iconic new addition to the Beijing skyline combines the entire process of TV making -- administration, production, broadcasting -- into a single loop of interconnected activity. Two structures rise from a common production platform, each with a different character: one is dedicated to broadcasting, the second to services, research and education. They merge at the top to create a cantilevered headquarters for management.

Built directly adjacent to the CCTV, the Television Cultural Center (TVCC) will house public programs on site including a theater, cinemas, restaurants and five-star accommodation. The building will also serve as the international broadcasting center for the 2008 Olympics.

20 hectares in new Central Business District

CCTV total 465.000m2 including administration, program offices, news production, broadcasting, program production, staff facilities, parking. TVCC total 95.000m2 including hotel, public facilities, parking and service building

5 billion RMB (850 million euro)

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