Mammoet Nederland
Mammoet is a Dutch specialist in customer-driven and tailor-made heavy lifting and transport solutions at any onshore or offshore location.

The company’s core activities are:

Turnkey lifting and transport operations
Factory-to-foundation heavy lifting and multimodal transport projects
Maintenance lifting services and plant stops
Day-to-day rental of mobile cranes
Salvage and wreck removal of ships and offshore installations
Trade in new and used equipment worldwide.

Employees worldwide: 4200
Amount of mobile cranes: 1191
Amount of crawler cranes: 230
Largest crane: MSG100 -> 4400 tons

Contact details main office:

Karel Doormanweg 47, Haven 580
3115 JD Schiedam
PO Box 570
3100 AN Schiedam
Phone:+31 10 204 2424
Fax: +31 10 204 2442
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