2013 Rose Pitonof Swim
The Rose Pitonof Swim produced by Urban Swim is a tidal assisted 17 mile swim from Manhattan to Coney Island.

This annual event, now in its forth year, commemorates the historic swim of Rose Pitonof, World Champion Swimmer of the early 1900s, and the first person ever to successfully complete this swim at the young age of 17.

The Swim will begin in the East River at East 26th Street. The Swimmers will proceed down the Manhattan side of the East River, crossing over to the Brooklyn side after crossing under the Williamsburg Bridge. The Swimmers will then continue along the Brooklyn shore line, under the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges, through Buttermilk Channel, under the Verrazano Bridge, around Norton’s Point, and on to Steeplechase Pier.

Jaimie Monahan: 5:31:18
Willy Blumentals: 6:00:00
Alan Morrison: 6:29:00

Alan did the swim 100% BREAST STROKE (like Rose…but with no modern “over-hand” stroke when the going got tough)…Willy had a great finish at 6hrs…and, thanks to Jaimie, the ladies are STILL #1!
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