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I've been tagged? Really?

Hi! My full name is "Aero Charm of BHD", but most people just call me Aero.


1. I was born on may 29, 2007. My father came from a show line, my mother was a working dog. The result: a stunning beautiful working dog -- me! I only weigh 18 Kg and there's not a gram of body fat to be found.


2. I wasn't very lucky with my first owner. She bought me because I was so cute, As she was partly disabled, she couldn't walk me. I lived on a small piece of lawn and had to entertain myself.


3. Because I became uncontrollable, my owner had me neutered. She thought that would make me less active. Wrong!


4. Border Collie lovers noticed my situation and persuaded my owner to let me go and find a more suitable home. I lived at a foster family for a while, but their oldest dog and I weren't good friends.


5. On august 30 2008 I met Hans, my new owner. I didn't know what to think of him at first, but we became best friends in no time!


6. I like to run, swim, play with balls or sticks, or to chase the light of a laser pointer. I also like to herd. Preferably animals, but bicycles or mopeds will do, too (if Hans wouldn't prevent it all the time...)


7. I'm the cuddling type of dog. I like to kiss visitors! You *will* be licked!


8. When I came here, I knew nothing. Now I know all herding commands, either vocal or by sign language. I didn't have much chance to practice yet.


9. I live with 2 other dogs: Sandy and Pepsi. Pepsi is the lowest ranking dog I ever met, but Sandy is the Alpha here. I obey her at all times.


10. I'm very good at manipulating my owner. He thinks he owns me, but I can assure you that it's the other way around. But, shhhhh, don't tell him!

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Taken on September 8, 2009