• ASUS Eee PC 1015PEM

    Bought this in December 2010 and it's still going strong. It really needs a cleaning and the screen flickers sometimes as if the cable is loose even though it isn't.
  • Head and Shoulders Shampoo

    I bought this in Laos and I use it as both shampoo and body soap. I go through one of these bottles every few weeks and it's always a different brand/type.
  • Gillette Shaving Cream

    I rarely need shaving cream but sometimes I do so I take a mini bottle with me. I bought this in Laos.
  • ChapStick

    I have had this ever since I began my trip. It has come in handy several times and is still going strong.
  • Nail Clippers

    I took these from some stuff that someone forgot at a hostel in India because mine had become rusty from getting wet many times.
  • Colgate Tooth Paste

    Got a small tube in Laos. I go through one every month roughly.
  • Nivea 48 Hour Deodorant

    This roll on stuff is really good and doesn't leave white streaks like the stuff I had originally started my trip with did. I got this particular one in India. It does NOT last 48 hours on a normal person.
  • Gillette Fusion w/3 Spare Razors

    This is by far the best razor I have had as it doesn't get all clogged up with hair that is hard to wash out in a tap. I bought this one in India.
  • Crest Tooth Brush

    I had a power brush when I started my trip but it broke early on and I have since just bought normal manual brushes and they work fine. I got this one in India.
  • Mini Bath Sponge

    I had bought a bigger one of these mid-way through my trip and just recently in Thailand found this smaller one. These things are very helpful in the shower and save on soap.
  • Ibuprofen (400 mg)

    I got thse in India for extremely cheap. I cut the packages smaller when I have used part of them to save room. I get headaches sometimes and these always work.
  • Allergy Pills

    Generic India brand allergy pills that I used in New Delhi as a weapon against an annoying street cat. They didn't work well and I should really just throw them out but I am keeping them till I find something better.
  • Band-Aid Plus Antibiotic

    I had many of these when I started the trip but now only have 2 big ones left. They work amazing and I will buy more once I run out.
  • Samsung Galaxy Mini

    I realized early on my trip I needed a phone and this is my second attempt at buying one. The first I got in England was crap and died 2 months later. This one from Russia has worked for half a year and I really like it. It's got Android, GPS, WiFi, Quad-Band & 3G so it's ready for the world. It currently has a Thailand SIM in it but I have left it in airplane mode because I have no credit for it anyways.
  • T-Shirts

    I go through t-shirts like candy and if you follow my Flickr photos you can see I used to have different ones. I throw shirts out when I get tired of them and buy new ones. The 3 I currently have I bought in Thailand. I would like to have 4 shirts at any given time but I haven't found a 4th I like yet.
  • Underwear

    I have had many different underwear during my trip after I got annoyed with my original ones a few months in and threw them out. These 4 I got in Thailand and they are most certainly fake CK brand.
  • Socks

    My SmartWool socks did last a very long time and I only replaced them in Thailand after 11 months of constant use. These ones I have now aren't as good but they will do for how often I wear them.
  • Quicksilver Board Shorts

    I bought these in India after giving away my zipper pants that turn into shorts which I never liked that much anyways.
  • Belt

    I have had this belt for 3+ years and it has been a good marker for how much weight I gain and lose depending on which holes I need to use. I broke one of the spikes in London a long time ago but it still has sentimental value so I won't be replacing it.
  • Buff Bandana

    I have barely used this thing my entire trip and was recently thinking about giving it away. But I lost my eye shade a long time ago and decided this can be used as an eye shade so it has been given a second chance.
  • Sea to Summit Dry Lite Towel

    I had my original MSR towel until Thailand when I decided it was time to upgrade to something a bit bigger as the original towel I had was always way too small.
  • Lee Jeans

    I had my original North Face jeans for about 9 months but they had a huge hole in the crotch ever since month 5 that I had attempted to repair several times. This pair from India has done me very well so far and is as comfortable as the North Face ones. I had bought a 3rd pair in Germany which I never really liked and ended up giving away in India before buying my current ones.
  • Laptop Power Adapter

    This thing hasn't had a single problem the entire time. It has worked perfect with my adapter plugs and the only complaint is that the velcro straps that hold it together are beginning to fray.
  • Canadian Passport

    I have almost sweated through this thing a few times when I had it in my pocket which has been a bit annoying. It is an odd shaped passport so no covers I have found fit it quite right. Besides that it's still got a few pages left so I think it will do me until my next stop in Canada.
  • Timex Digital Watch

    This watch has literally been a life saver and at this point it has sentimental value. The velcro is falling apart on the strap, the plastic around one of the buttons broke and I scratched the front of it very early on my trip. But it still works great and I won't be trading it for a long time.
  • USB Phone Cable

    I threw out the wall charger for my phone so this is my only method of charging my phone. It has worked fine and I have no problem charging via USB only.
  • Masterlock Combo Lock

    I got this from someone in Prague who forgot it at the hostel I was staying. I had added him on Facebook so I was able to get the combo and remove it from the place he had locked it. It has been amazing and I wish I had it right from the start.
  • Pilot Gel Pen

    I actually dislike this pen and find it runs a bit but I have had it my entire trip and it's come in handy so I haven't replaced it.
  • 16 GB USB Thumbdrive

    I have used this thing maybe 4 times my entire trip but it's light and I would rather have it just in case then not have it.
  • Panasonic Ear Buds

    These are my original ear buds and they have been really awesome. A few months in I thought they broke because the wire came a bit loose but I pushed it back in and they have been fine since. I use them as ear plugs to sleep all the time. There a bit quiet and next time I will buy better quality ones.
  • Flip Flops

    My Old Navy ones died in India and I picked these up for $5 to replace them. They have been fine but there a bit bulky and I would like some lighter and more flexible ones. They have pink paint on them from Laos when someone borrowed them and went tubing.
  • Merrell Shoes

    I love these shoes and they have been solid my entire trip. The right ones inside heal is starting to fall apart but as long as I am careful putting them on it's fine.
  • Eagle Creek Pack-It Cubes

    These have been great organizers and I will likely use the same ones for future trips. I may look at the Sea to Summit ones as I think they are lighter.
  • Eagle Creek Toiletries Kit

    This has been a solid bathroom organizer and it does exactly what I need. No complaints.
  • Petzl Head Light

    I haven't needed this many times but it's handy to have a light just in case and I will always have one of these in my backpack. This one from Petzl has been perfect and still has it's original batteries.
  • Camera Battery Charger w/Battery

    This has done exactly what it is supposed to do without problem. I had a second spare battery before but realized I didn't need it because I rarely have to swap or charge batteries anyway.
  • Power Adapters

    I started the trip with 5 of these but have given them away once I no longer need them. I lost my original 2 circles plug in Austria but found an exact replacement that someone forgot in a hostel in Turkey. The metal connectors are a bit loose on it and it doesn't always make a perfect fit but it's been fine for my needs. I will likely buy the exact same adapter set when these die.
  • Silk Sleeping Bag Liner

    This thing has been so handy. I have used it probably 150 times this trip or more. It makes a perfect sheet when the dorm bed is not so clean. It adds a bit of warmth when you don't wanna sleep in your clothes. The stitching isn't perfect and I ripped it day 1 of my trip but I am a bit more careful with it now and it's been a great thing to have with me.
  • Rebook Hoodie

    I bought this in India because Delhi was having a couple extremely cold days and I only had t-shirts. It has come in handy several times since on buses with the AC cranked to max. It is light weight and I will hopefully have it for a long time to come. In the future I may replace it with something more compact, maybe from Arc'teryx.
  • Wallet

    This is actually a little plastic holder that I got when I had passport photos taken in Turkey in August. I have since got rid of my old wallet and turned this little thing into my wallet. It holds my debit & credit cards, drivers license and student ID. It also has some spare passport photos and Vietnamese Kip at the moment.

Gear 2012

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This is all my current travel gear excluding my backpack and my camera which I needed to take this picture. My camera is the same one that I started the trip with, a Canon Powershot SX210 IS. The lens protrudes too much for how little I actually use zoom and I will likely replace it with something smaller eventually.

- My new backpack a BoLL Quark 21L can be seen here:

- My original backpack a Osprey Kestral 38L can be seen here:

- My original gear list can be seen here:

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