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Testing out the tent at the bottom of the garden. I'm going to try spending a night without the fly on and see if I get wet.

  1. drewm 119 months ago | reply

    This is England. What are the chances of *not* getting wet?

  2. Ms. Jen 119 months ago | reply

    He's alive!

  3. Rob Mientjes 119 months ago | reply

    Wow, and I thought you Brits had passed the "trial and error" phase when it comes to the weather...

    Have fun.

  4. Dunstan 119 months ago | reply

    It wasn't too bad actually. It was 1am by the time I got out there, and while the outside of the tent was wet, the inside was dry.

    My bag (which I'd flipped over in case it got wet) was a little damp, but nothing to worry about.

    All in all I was surprised at how dry things stayed in the tent considering I had nothing between me and a very heavy dew except a bit of mesh.

    Not something I'm going to try again in the UK, but if I go camping in the desert I'll maybe give it a bash.

    p.s. BTW, it's great lying there looking up at the stars... really lovely.

  5. Rob Mientjes 119 months ago | reply

    The desert eh? Then I'd not worry about rain but more about the chances of freezing to death ;)

    I just wonder, are tents the new gotta have gadgets? Cause then I'll trade it for my iPod.

    Okay, so I won't.

  6. Nikita Kashner 119 months ago | reply

    I'll have to go camping again once I'm feeling better, haven't done it in years, I miss sleeping under the stars.

    Nice to see you posting Dunstan. :o)

  7. elsakawai™ 119 months ago | reply

    aaa...lovely... camp and look up the star! .... hopefully there is no animal come by and eat ya! =)

  8. Nikita Kashner 119 months ago | reply

    Yeah, I hear sheep can be vicious cannibals after midnight.

  9. paul veraguth 94 months ago | reply

    I've added an image-link to this photograph from The Common Threads Project (a Flickr group) in Topic # 60: shelter. Please consider adding it to the group's pool.

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