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My first post of a black-and-white image. As an artist, I am naturally drawn to color for life is full of it, in every conceivable shades and nuances. Even the most boring shades of grays and mucky browns are full of color. I love tonality, as I am sure you already know. It seems a waste to show a monochromatic image when one could show its entirety in beautiful, glorious color. So, for a long time now, I have kept the black-and-white images tucked away in a cardboard box in the darkest area of the garage. It's interesting to note that I used to shoot strictly in black-and-white. But that was when I didn't know any better.


For me, black-and-white is one of the most challenging areas of photography. Stripped bare of all color, a B+W photograph does not lie. It makes no attempt to dress things up. It goes straight to the point. Emotion and mood are much harder to capture and portray.


I'll be continuing my visits with everyone in the next few days. Have a wonderful weekend.


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