SITE 2016
At the end of this year – 2016 – the Dunedin School of Art will be 146 years old. Looking at the work of our completing undergraduate students on our SITE exhibition this year, I am struck by how our students have risen to the challenges of our time: of the here and now. It is also wonderful to see that no ‘house style’ has been imposed on our students by staff; each student is offered the freedom to choose their own project and to progress it throughout their senior studies Nonetheless, certain themes emerge amongst the body of work on display at SITE and this is understandable as students share the same time and place, however differently they interpret and manifest their ideas and experiences in material form.
My sincere congratulations to all the completing Bachelor of Visual Arts and Graduate Diploma students whose work is represented on SITE and in this Yearbook 2016. You have done the Dunedin School of Art at Otago Polytechnic proud.

Prof. Leoni Schmidt
Head: Dunedin School of Art
Otago Polytechnic
New Zealand
November 2016

SITE 2016 images - photos by Emily Davidson
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