SITE 2014
This year, it is evident from SITE, our completing student exhibition, that there is no one house-style or even a plurality of house-styles. Student projects are based on their own interests and skills base. They engage with the world in imaginative ways, with social issues addressed by many. As has for many years been the case, our students’connection with current problems and with contemporary thinking is evident from the work.

A wide range of materials exploration characterizes the work done this year. The variety of studios in the School shines through sculptural work, painting, print, photography, electronic arts, ceramics, drawing, jewellery and textiles. Cross-overs between these abound and such integrations often show surprising results. Scaling up of work is also at the heart of processes aimed at maximum effect. Large walls are covered with multiples and large scale drawings, paintings and video projections. On the other hand, the very small is also highlighted in tiny works which draw the viewer into their intimate space. On opening night, hundreds of visitors marvelled at the quality and the scope of the exhibition, while our completing students had the satisfaction of seeing work well done exhibited in the public sphere.
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